Tempering machine Beta 400T with one tempering circuit.


Description of the equipment
Tempering glazing machines Beta are designed for automation, temperature, crystallization of chocolate. The volume of the bowl of the dissolution of chocolate is from 30 to 80 kg. The Bowl is equipped with a mixer, which mixes chocolate and doesn't give to freeze.
The performance of the machine can reach approximately 150 kg of tempered chocolate per hour.  The tempering process is carried out during the passage of chocolate through the screw pump using a liquid cooled by a refrigeration compressor. The system allows you to maintain constantly the chocolate in the molten state and perfectly tempered.
All the functions of the machine are controlled by means of a touch panel via an electronic controller: the melting and tempering process, the speed of the glazing tape-mesh, the speed of the screw pump, the speed of the blowing, the control of the dispenser for chocolate molds and the vibrating table.
The standard equipment of the machine includes: an enrobing conveyor with a mesh tape adjustable to 4 m / min, a roller for removing excess chocolate from the bottom of the product, a shaken belt-mesh, a blow-off device for removing excess chocolate from the surface of the products.
The machine is easy to disassemble for maintenance.  The glazing conveyor mesh pan is easily removed and thoroughly washed with a high pressure washer because it does not contain electrical components.
The machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and food grade aluminum.

The process of tempering (crystallization) of chocolate

Set the fixing temperature of the melting chocolate is about 430С, and then turn on the function of the tempering machine. About in 15 min the machine enters the tempering mode (beeps) and you can start to glaze the product.  
After the end of the cycle (after about 1 hour), the tempering function is switched off and the machine stops.  A new portion of chocolate is served at a temperature of 43 C (an external tank for melting chocolate is needed), after which the tempering mode is activated on the machine (after 15 min). Entering the tempering mode, you can start the next cycle of glazing products.

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Technical parameters

Performance - to 150, kg/h
The width of the conveyor - 420, mm
Overall dimensions:    57 х 74х156h cm
Height – 1500 mm. (opened housing 2100 mm.)
Length – 1500 mm. (+ tank 1800 mm.)
Depth – 900 mm. (+ tank 1100 mm.)
Weight -  180 kg
Voltage - 230/400 W/ 50 Hz
Power - 4,6 kW

    Mesh ST 400
    Decorating device DEC_400
    Cooling conveyor
    Tank for chocolate and chocolate glaze melting mod. Z60ET