The system is used for sprinkling blanks with powdered sugar, sugar, salt, coconut, chocolate chips, sesame and other seeds. The mesh conveyor is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
Mesh conveyor drives motor gear BOX 050, the speed adjusts by frequency converter of Omron, operator panel, speed adjustment from 1 m to 8 m./min.
The conveyor can be integrated into the production line or work independently, the length of the conveyor is 1000 mm. The mesh conveyor is equipped with a hopper for sprinkling on top. The hopper is made of stainless steel AISI 304. The base of the hopper is made of food grade aluminum.
Gear shafts are in constant mesh (which prevents spillage hopper), they rotate from myself throwing a given dose distribution slit punch. The system of gear shafts allows to evenly dose different fractions without changing the geometry of the fraction (does not break, does not crush the fraction). The toothed shafts of the sprinkler hopper drive the motor of the gearbox BOX 040, the speed is regulated by the frequency Converter Omron and the operator panel, the speed of rotation of the shafts from 10 to 80 rpm.
The hopper is easily disassembled for washing and maintenance.  

The conveyor mesh can be equipped with a system of pouring billets. The work piece can pour in full or in part, by a distribution nozzle for filling with the injector. Excess liquid passes through a sieve and enters the storage tank to collect the residues. The circulation pump feeds from the storage tank to the bath for irrigation from above. The system is fully Autonomous, closed loop. The control of the dosed irrigation is controlled by the pressure in the liquid supply system.
An additional option is to heat the liquid in the storage tank.
The mesh conveyor can be equipped with an air blowing system. This system allows you to distribute and remove excess moisture or crumbs from the product. The capacity of the blower regulates the frequency Converter Omron.
The system includes a high-pressure radial pump, adjustment station
wind flow distribution (height and angle of the diffuser).
The mesh conveyor can be equipped with a system of returning the sprinkling fraction to the loading hopper after entering the storage receiver. Returning of the fraction to the loading hopper is carried out by two screws (vertical and horizontal) motor gear, the speed is constant.
The conveyor mesh can be equipped with a system of filling the bottom of the work pieces.
This option allows you to apply the sprinkling fractions to the bottom of the work pieces. It works together with a silo of sprinkling from the top.

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