О компании


"DITO GROUP" offers a wide range of equipment for the food industry, in particular equipment for the baking and confectionery manufacturing as well as packaging equipment for the industry.

For the baking industry  we offer a great variety of equipment and automatic production lines to manufacture original and high-quality products, which undoubtedly will be well-rated by your customers. The equipment which we offer allows you to successfully produce a variety of flour products such as: cakes, muffins, croissants, various kinds of cookies (stamped, formed, stuffed) and other bakery and confectionery products.

Our main goal is to find best equipment that meets all of our client's requirements. Which is going to be the most profitable in terms of cost and the job it gets done, in order to make the work of the baker and confectioner as easy, pleasant and convenient as possible. To satisfy our clients  we develop new technological solutions and offer fully or partially automated, reliable and easy-to-maintain equipment.

We will do our best to give comprehensive service to our customers, which starts from the design and production phase of machines and lines ending when your equipment is delivered and ready to get started. Moreover, you will be with be offered with best post-warranty service in the market.

Our products and services are one of the best in the Russian market in terms of the "price / quality" ratio.

 To our customers we offer the best technological solutions with minimal costs, wide opportunities and maximum benefits.Our products have all the necessary certificates according to Russian standards. Together with our  specialists who work on site in Moscow   to quickly provide all the necessary technical assistance to our clients.

With best wishes,