Tank for chocolate and chocolate glaze melting mod. Z60ET


    Tanks of Z series for chocolate melting are designed for melting of not large volume of the product and for its maintaining in molten state, and for the subsequent transfer of the molten product to the coating or tempering machines.



Heating of chocolate is carried out in the tank (capacity 60 kg). The tank is heated in a water bath. The heating agent is a special liquid circulating in a closed circuit.

The tank is equipped with an agitator for the continuous mixing of the product.
The tank may be fitted with split-casing–type impeller pump made of stainless steel AISI 304 (model Z60ET) for chocolate recycling and chocolate feeding to the glaze machines.  

The machine frame is made of stainless steel AISI 304.

Overall dimensions                                    550x800х950 mm
Installed capacity                                      for model Z60ET:  3 kW
Bowl volume                                             80 liters
Volume of melted glaze                              60 Kg
Weight                                                      150 Kg
Glaze warm-up time                                   25-30 minutes
Filler jacket volume                                    20 liters