Glazing and decorating machine, model ZETA 400


The present machine is designed to automate the process of the confectionery enrobing by chocolate coating in the food industry factories.

  • Glazing machine is capable of applying the glaze of various thickness.
  • Glazing machine is equipped with a bowl for glaze (capacity 50/80 kg) with agitator necessary for glaze mixing. The bowl heating is due to the water heating jacket with electric heaters. The machine is also equipped by adjustable diffuser for glaze, intended for the regulation of the glaze layer thickness.
  • Glazing technology provides a uniform layer of glaze, its glossy appearance, as well as a longer shelf life.
  • To ensure the application of a uniform layer of glaze, it is used the stainless steel impeller pump which provides the optimal air flow.
  • To remove the excessive glaze from the products bottom, as well as to make the smooth surface of the coating, it is used the tail roller (i.e., the tail roller should remove the excessive glaze from the product bottom and, at the same time, to smooth the same bottom of the product).
  • It is possible optionally to glaze the product completely (top and bottom) or partially (only the top or only the bottom).
  • When decorating the product, the pattern/drawing will be applied on its top, while the product bottom will be coated completely by glaze; optionally it’s possible just to put a pattern on top of the product.
  • In order to set the temperature, to provide its control and maintenance, the machine is provided by the electronic temperature controller with the software.
  • To provide the gradual change the volume of loaded glaze, as well as to ensure the control of the mesh conveyor movement speed, it is used the variable frequency drive.
  • Glazing line may be completed also by tank for chocolate melting and by the decorating machine. .
  • Glazing conveyor is removable, this fact ensures 100% access to the bowl for a quick substitution  of glaze. The conveyor belt is equipped with a grid of stainless steel (width 425/625 cm), and by the shaker of mesh belt.
  • When using the previously melted glaze, the line output may reach 250/350 kg of product per hour.
  • All the components of the machine and the process (as heating of melting bowl, glaze agitator, the transfer of glaze flow from the diffuser, products air-blowing, conveyor mesh belt) can be easily controlled using the control panel..
  • All the parts of the machine are made of stainless steel AISI 304 and alimentary plastic.

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Productivity                   up to 250/350 Kg/h
Conveyor belt width                420/620 mm
Overall dimensions:    

ZETA 400
height – 1500 mm (outdoor enclosure 2100 mm)
length – 1500 mm (+tank 1800 mm)
depth – 900 mm ( + tank 1100 mm)
Weight - 320 kg
Voltage      - 380 KW / 50 Hz
Installed power - 6 KW

● Removable conveyor TR 400 developed for glazing and decorating of products (tail roller + shaker). All torsion shafts are equipped with stainless sealed bearings.

● Sensor programming and controlling of the machine with the operative memory up to 90 programs

Program “Nighttime mode”

This program allows you to maintain the desired temperature of melting chocolate at a specified stirring interval (agitator start mode) and at a specified interval by chocolate pumping along the pipeline of the machine (pump start mode).
This program allows you not pour the chocolate for the night time or for a momentary stop of the machine.

● High-pressure vane (impeller) pump.

High-performance vane pump has been designed by our engineers. This new version of the pump allows you to work with any masses, fondants, glazes.
The pump is provided by heating and has adjustable  flow speed. The rotor is mounted on sealed stainless bearings. The pump drive is of Motive, Italy production.

● Round-shape bowl with water heated jacket + mixer.                        

The geometry of a round-shape bowl allows to achieve the uniform heating of the bowl (bottom-up of the bowl), due to the copper pipe which encircles the entire perimeter of the bowl.

● Casing made of reinforced polycarbonate, thickness 6mm.

Casing can withstand a pistol shot; casing is fitted with a hydra expansion joints which allow to lift or to close the casing with only a little effort.

● Easy to clean

The hot water in the water bath can be used to flush through the pump and related tubing to quickly clean the finishing fluid distribution system.