Dropping machine with 3 hoppers TRIOMIX 600



  TRIOMIX 600.  This 9 row versatile dropping machine is designed for the production of cookies, cakes, meringues, sponge cakes, custard products in the widest range of forms, with or without filling (depending on the type and recipe of the dough). A wide range of nozzles provides the ability to make the product of one, two or three colors, with jam on the top as the decoration, or filled with jam inside. The particular feature of this machine is the wide range of various dosing heads installed on its basic version. A modern digital system with software will allow you to control the trays movement and to check the types of dosing (point, rolling or products of different length).  This dropping machine allows you, at any time, to increase the range of your products, just purchasing some additional nozzles or dosing units.
The machine is made of stainless steel AISI 304.


  • Industrial servo-motor (with its fast and precise installation in the exact position);
  • reinforced actuators of the first and second hoppers;
  • hermetic dosing unit allows you to elaborate semi-hard and semi-liquid dough;
  • working width of the dosing unit is 600 mm;
  • shafts are made of stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • it is possible to preset and control the different speeds trays moving to the machine (by changing of table lifting/lowering speed, or by changing the speed and time of dosing, reverse, etc.);
  • the most reliable system of lifting and lowering of the table, with servo-drive (movement on the guide block), providing the significantly increased speed of the table;
  • the possibility to set the speed of the table lifting/lowering;
  • the possibility to set the height of lowered table (this height may be different for each type of the product; besides, it is possible to pour the dough to the deep forms, with the board height of
  • 10 cm; besides, for some recipes the table may be lowered only at the distance equal to the height of the cookies, for example for 1 cm – this option allows to increase the machine capacity);
  • the option to set different table lowering speed during the process of dropping;
  • smooth regulating of the speed of the shafts designed for the dough dosing;
  • the possibility to memorize any quantity of the own names given to the different types of the dough;
  • electronic sensor of the trays;
  • electronic measurement of trays’ movement;
  • automatic table height adjustment;
  • rotating nozzles dropping the dough;
  • smooth adjustment of the nozzles’ rotation;
  • high performance of the machine, up to 450 kg/h (while the guillotine is used);
  • the machine is made of stainless steel AISI 304;
  • high-speed work of dosing rolls; in the dosing units, the speed is smoothly adjusted by the converter);
  • sensor display of "touch screen" type, programmed in Russian; 
  • digital servo-drive for table lifting;
  • digital servo-drive for trays’ moving;
  • the dimensions of the trays are 600x400 mm (trays are not included in the supply);
  • n. 100 operation programs stored in the machine's memory

Depending on the version of the TRIOMIX, this machine is able to make the products as follows:

  • one-colored;
  • two-colored;
  • one-colored with filling;
  • one-colored with decorating on the top;
  • two-colored with decorating on the top;
  • one-colored with filling;

Types of the dough:

  • short pastry
  • light puffy pastry
  • muffin
  • gingerbread (several types)
  • coconut pastry
  • choux
  • meringue

Basic complete set includes:

  • n.2 hoppers + third hopper for filling;
  • set of plastic nozzles. The price of one set is 100 Евро (9+1 spare nozzle)
  • Output:                                     150-200 kg/h
  • Width x length x height:             1120 x 2050 x 1410 mm
  • Voltage:                                    380 V, 60 Hz
  • Power consumption:                   5 Kwt
  • Weight:                                     about 1020 k

1. Special equipment for the production of a variety of one-color tubes with filling inside. The products on the trays do not stick together!

The equipment set includes:
- the guillotine station with conveyor belt;
- electric actuator and pneumatic cylinder;
- 1 set of plastic nozzles with diameter of
25 mm (smooth nozzles).

2. Special option of "diaphragm cutting" designed for the production of cookies with filling.

The equipment set includes:
- the “diaphragm type” plate for 6 rows;
- the plate for 6 rows of nozzles;
- pneumatic actuator.

3. Additional plate for two-colored products placed in 6 rows.

4. One set of copper nozzles - tips (of one type).

5. One set of plastic nozzles - tips (of one type).

6. Station for wire cutting

The equipment set includes:
- electric drive with moving comb mechanism;
- comb for 8 or 9 rows;
- set of the strings.

7. Forming plate for wire cutting.

8. Additional comb for 8 or 9 rows, for string cutting.

9. Plate for dosing of such products as Muffin's (does not work with the option of automatic trays feeding). It is possible to dose out the product containing some small inclusions. To be used with the plastic tips.

10.  Plate for the sponge cakes production.

11.  Plate for the production of products such as stick-like biscuits, "small balls" of choux pastry.

12.  First hopper is provided by special electric heating through water jacket with a regulator and a temperature sensor (for some products requiring the heating, such as marshmallow).

13.   Automatic station of trays feeding (dimensions: 580x380mm) (the capacity is 10-12 trays).

14.  Trays for the automatic feeding, dimensions: 580x380mm

15.  The trolley made of stainless steel AISI 304 for the transportation of dosing unit.





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