Complex equipment for confectionery and bakery industries


Dito group guarantees production of high-quality equipment to our customers, so we increased the warranty to 24 months. Professional equipment of the latest generation, qualified specialists, many years of experience guarantee the quality of our equipment. We invite you to our production site to make sure of the best quality of
your future equipment.





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DITO GROUP Company thanks all our clients and partners for long-term trust, reationship and excellent work together. We hope that our joint activities will make you prosper to the most.

For fifteen years, the company DITO GROUP participates in the largest exhibitions in Russia in the field of confectionery food equipment. Which is marked with the diplomas and medals that we obtained. From the moment we got into the industry, our client base has grown by 15,000 potential customers. Stable growth and development of the company allowed our us to present a great variety of modern bakery and confectionery equipment during those exhibitions.


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